Greetings and salutations!

Welcome to my personal website. I’m Rick Clarke, better known on YouTube and the web as Rickvanman.

This is a kind-of personal scrapbook site and placeholder on the web where I'll post anything interesting, current or connected in line with whatever I’m doing at the time.  Use the navigation menus at the top to browse your way around.

New articles will come along if demand dictates, or whenever I feel like adding them :) 

NOTE: This site is best viewed on a PC/Mac/Tablet to get the full animated effects - the special effects won't work on a phone :(



Latest topics.....


Winter Hibernation Mode

Contrary to what you might have read, seen or heard, I’m still making videos here in 2018 and have no intentions to stop. There may be the occasional longer break between the videos I publish, like at the moment, where I'm still in winter hibernation mode and not doing a lot. I'll only tend to make videos when I have something of interest to share, I don't make them for the sake of it, but making videos is what I love to do, so until that changes, I’ll be continuing to make them for the foreseeable future.

New website 

You may have noticed this shiny new website. My last one was looking very 1990's, so I decided to go ahead and upgrade. It was prompted by an up-coming LARP event where I'm working on a place to refer fellow Larpers for instruction on how to order Items from Ned's Artisan Workshop. 

The website is brand new and is still being added to, so hopefully the content and articles will build-up over time. 


Rickvanman Merchandise Still Available!


After repetitive subscriber requests, Rickvanman mugs and other merchandise is available from Cafepress… 

Cafepress USA    or    Cafepress UK

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