Who is Rickvanman?



Age: 48

Born: UK

Resides: North Wilts (UK)   

Status: Single (by conscious choice)   

Job: Audio/visual/voice-over. Creative entrepreneur.  Best know for my work on my other, much larger YouTube channel called The Honest Guys (Yes I know it's a cheesy name! - long story :)  I do all the voice-overs for the videos. 

Bio:  Introverted, slightly reclusive, right-brain-dominant thinker, often guided by artistic mood with a quirky sense of humor that occasionally gets me into trouble. I can seem a bit eccentric at times and I don't take life too seriously, approaching most things with an open mind.  I consider myself an autodidact and am usually open to unconventional thinking, embracing thought and discussion of concepts or ideas not necessarily accepted in the ‘wider mainstream'.  I have no time for close-mindedness, bigotry, or dogma. 

Much of my adult life has been dominated by a generalized anxiety disorder that has pushed me into living quite a socially reclusive life. I've written a page on it here.  

Hobbies: Video making, Music making, relaxing, camping, LARP, Astrophotography, crafts, 3D printing, story writing, philosophy, self-improvement, Anime, Sci-fi. 

Philosophies & Life: Do what makes you happy as often as you can, so long as it does no harm, and if at all possible, try not to let what other people think, especially those with closed minds, stop you from being who you are supposed to be - something I’m still working on. 

My guiding principal is to remain open minded to all possibilities, theories, and ideas about life, the universe and everything, on the basis that we don't know for certain, the true nature of our reality. With quantum physicists now suggesting we could all be some kind of computer program, the mind boggles.   

One of the few beliefs I have come to subscribe to, is that Intention is everything! Set out with positive intentions and kindness in your heart, and life will generally find a way to work with you and not against you. 

That's just my current position, based on my own life experiences so far.  
Yours may be completely different based on your own life experiences up to this point, and that's great, because variety is what keeps life fun and interesting :o) 





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