Welcome to Ned's Artisan Workshop.

A selection of previously created work. Ned specializes in making decorative shields but is expanding to make other small items too.

Ned is an apprentice artisan and retainer to a house within Dawn (Empire LRP).  He is willing to produce limited, in-character items for other players, in exchange for in-game currency or in-game resources to advance his artisan role and support his house. Each transaction is negotiated on an individual basis. Ned can usually be found in the Dawn encampment somewhere around or near glory square.




Ned does not make 'actual' LARP weapons or armor but can create decorative wall shields as well as various small items such as phys-reps or decorative props (see further down the page). He works with basic standard craft supplies such as foam board, stone-casting molds and also uses a 3D printer with CAD software. 

This is a new and purely experimental enterprise, constantly evolving. Ned's creative repertoire is growing and improving as he becomes more knowledgeable about the Empire and its citizens' needs. 

If there is a particular small item you would like Ned to consider creating, just get in touch here. He would normally need to see a sketch or drawing of any item, with the approximate dimensions, in order to determine if he can make it. 

Ned's Shields:

foam board shield
foam board shield

Ned's artisan journey began making decorative shields. NOTE: These are non-functional decorative-only items. They are quite delicate, made from foam board and can not be used for actual battle, nor will they likely fare well outdoors. But, they will look amazing on an indoor wall space.

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   Other items Ned might consider making

3D printed box

Variation of 3D printed box

Stone cast plaster molding

Ned has access to a magic 3D printer and some basic design software, so there are lots of creative possibilities, perhaps for phys-reps and other small items. He can also create stone-cast plaster moldings, of which there are many shapes available (shown on this page).  3D prints can have a pretty rough finish, but stone-cast plaster moldings can provide a much better 3-dimensional shape and can look extremely effective on the decorative shields and on other items. 

If you have a shield design or a small item you might want Ned to consider making, please first have a quick look at the design information page, it has some info about what can and can't be made, then feel free to contact him and he can let you know if it's something he can do for you. 


3D-Printed Phys-reps?

From a knowledge-base perspective, it's still early days for phys-reps at the moment. April 2017 will only be Ned's 2nd time in Anvil so he needs to expand his knowledge of how such items should look and feel, and see if they are something he can create.

In the meanwhile, he's been experimenting with various amulet designs just to see what's possible, but currently has no idea if any of these would be suitable for use.  Any feedback on such matters would be most welcome :)


 A few basic design ideas for Dragonbone Symbol all using a  Labyrinth of Ages  design (click  to enlarge)

A few basic design ideas for Dragonbone Symbol all using a Labyrinth of Ages design (click to enlarge)

 Wooden style pendant made partially of dragonbone with gemstones.

Wooden style pendant made partially of dragonbone with gemstones.

 Alternative Labyrinth style.

Alternative Labyrinth style.

 Another alternative style with gemstones.

Another alternative style with gemstones.

After lots of experimenting, Ned currently favours the design below for ease of painting, but again, is open to feedback...

Straight off the 3D printer, a raw print. Notice the plastic swarf embedded within the channels of the labyrinth, these will be removed with a scalpel.  

 Curved front face. 

Curved front face. 

Cleaned & painted. Varnish is optional.

These take a lot of man-hours to print and paint, so Ned is looking into the option of supplying them as a raw unpainted print, for the buyer to paint themselves in their own chosen colors. 

Ned may also have ready-made items available once he's figured out what there is need/demand for.


Neds 3D printer, oops, I mean his "magic jewelers crucible" :)


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If you have any information that may help Ned develop this idea further, to where it can become a useful service to other citizens within the Empire, he, and I, would be most grateful for any feedback :) You can contact Ned here.