Creating Muisc

rickvanman music

One of my hobbies whenever I get the time, is creating Music.  

Firstly, lets cut to the chase; I’m not a trained musician, and I’m not particularly good at it, but it does provide a great outlet for my creative urges, and it really is a lot of fun.
More importantly, It also enables me to create custom music for my other channel The Honest Guys.

Warning: My music tastes are really quite weird and fairly non-mainstream, so not to everyone’s taste!  I do love to work with classical instruments as well as with the electronic genre, so you’ll often hear a Yamaha or a Steinbeck grand piano and strings mixed in with a synthy trance beat.  



I use a standard DAW (digital audio workstation) called Logic Pro X, along with an M-AUDIO MIDI keyboard, and a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface. 



I’ll often use a single loop as a baseline or an underscore, and then add to it, building everything up around it, eventually removing the original loop so I end up with an completely original creation. 


The Music

I have a Soundcloud account where my hobby music is available for anyone to hear, if they so dare :)


Best track?

I would have to say my best track so far is: Heartbeat Redemption. It's a slow-burning progressive trance track created at 120bps to use for exercise pacing.