Stone-Cast Plaster Moldings

For detailing, Ned has access to a selection of molds which can provide ornate designs to make your item or shield look more glorious. Shown further down this page, the moldings can provide a much better 3-dimensional shape and can look particularly effective on decorative shields.

Ned can also make these stone-cast plaster moldings available for purchase separately, to use with any craft projects you are working on.  Note: They are quite delicate, so are not recommended for anything that will get bashed about. They can be supplied unpainted (white), or painted a single colour. 

All sizes are approximate. 


Below are the moldings currently available

(click any pic to enlarge)

More designs coming soon

These moldings are made from stone-cast plaster and are moderately strong, the plaster having a compressive stength of 14MPa. They are still ceramic and brittle though, so will break easily or smash if dropped. Also the thin parts, like the pegasus legs and wings are extremely thin and weak, so can snap easily if care is not taken. 

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