The Campervan Life

Some of the best times I've had in recent years have been camping with a group of good friends Austin, Damon and Joe. All four of us are YouTube v-loggers and apart from Joe, we all have self-built camper vans, based on panel van conversions that we built ourselves.  

We'll usually go to campsites that are reasonably central to our location and more easily reached by everyone, although some of our group comes from as far as London and Yeovil. 

Come rain, shine or freezing cold temperatures, we always enjoy life in the great outdoors and always go home feeling better for having gone there.

With all of us into photography and filmmaking, we do tend to spend a lot of the time video-logging for our YouTube channels and taking photos. The results are often hilarious...

We try to get away as often as we can, preferably in the warmer months. It's less fun in the damp and cold where you spend all your time trying to keep things dry, plus there's less to do during the day.  It's my hope we'll get a seaside trip at some point this year, as the majority of our trips so far have been inland. 


The Campervan Life - in Pictures

The gallery below, sums up our adventures so far.


Feel free to play our campervan song while you browse: Written by Damon himself: Vocals & guitar by Kludo White, and all other musical backing by me! :)  

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